Basic Video Gear

All in one tripod:
I have not used this, but it has great reviews and includes a tripod, a ring light, the phone mount, and a remote. Be aware, I have had mixed reviews on these remotes in general.

Tripod w/ phone mount:
I have used this tripod and it gets the job done. Also, it comes with the phone mount and remote so this is a great option if you don’t want the ring light or already have a lighting option.

Phone mount with remote:
If you already have a tripod this is a great option. It is a great little phone mount and comes with a remote.

Clip RIng light with Phone holder:
I own this and use this ring light regularly. I keep this clipped to my dest and mainly use the ring light for my Zoom calls in the office. You could clip this to a tripod also and it is covenant that it comes with a phone mount, though sometimes it is hard to get the phone positioned exactly how you desire.

Road Lav mic:
I have used this brand for many years. They have great quality gear for a reasonable price. I’m sorry I miss quoted the price of this in the calls. It is a little over $60. This mic can grow with you. If you someday want to use a more professional camera, this mic will work with higher-end cameras. I recommend getting an extension cable for this so you can be further back from your phone when recording.

Cable extension:
This is the extension cable I use for the Road Mic. It gives me much more flexibility in my setup.

Unknown brand mic:
I have not used this, but the reviews on Amazon are very positive and the price is amazing. If you want to dive into this slowly I am pretty confident it will be better than your phone microphone!

Dongle iPhone:
Please double-check and make sure this works with your version of your phone.

Dongle Andriod:
Please double-check and make sure this works with your version of your phone.