How to get started with video marketing,
increase your revenue
without wasting your time or getting overwhelmed!

Video Content,

Beta Course

This course is for business owners and entrepreneurs that know they need to be creating content to grow their business but just haven't gotten started.

This course is designed to help you get past the three biggest challenges people face when creating video content:
  • 1. Are you uncomfortable on camera?
  • 2. Do you know what camera gear to use?
  • 3. Are you overwhelmed with what to say?

What are the details?

  • 8 Modual Course over 10 Weeks
  • $100 Beta Course (Value over $500)
  • 8 Live Zoom Trainings (approximitly 1 hour each)
  • Only 2-3 hours a week (inclduing Zoom Trainings and Homework)
  • Voxer group chat access (suport between trainings)
  • Private Facebook group access (ongoing suport after course)
  • Intimate and supportive learning environment

The Modules:

Module 1

Getting Started

In the first week, we will dive into how to get more comfortable on camera. Being overly self-conscious is common on camera. We will go over techniques that anyone can apply to make getting in front of the camera more bearable.
Module 2

The Equipment

In the second week, we will dive into what is the most important equipment to use. This can feel very overwhelming with all the options there are out there. We will go over why you should have each piece of gear, and I promise we will keep it simple to get you started.
Module 3

The Right Shot

In the third week, we will dive into how to set up your shot. This will help you create a checklist of the most important elements to keep in mind so your audience keeps their attention on what you have to say and not get distracted by some other element of your video. The goal is to help you create a simple process to replicate so you can focus on what you are sharing, not shooting the video.
Module 4

Providing Value

In the fourth week, we will dive into how to make sure what you are talking about in your videos has value for your audience. We will work to create a system for you that will give you a list of content ideas to make sure when you go to create content you won't be wasting time trying to figure out what to talk about. This is a two-week module.
Module 5

Video Structure

In the fifth week, we will dive into how to structure your content so you retain your audience. This will help you create a method to how you deliver your content that will help people to know this is the video is for them. This method will be used for any video content as well and any video length.
Module 6

Camera Presence

In the sixth week, we will dive into how to make sure you are setting yourself up for success when on camera. This will help you create a mental checklist that will help your message come through to your audience. This is a two-week module.
Module 7

How To Share

In the seventh week, we will dive into how to get your message in front of your audience or potential audience. We will be doing an overview of where to put your content and what parts of your content you should put where.
Module 8

Let's Review

In the eighth week we will dive into a review of everything we went over in this course. We will also go over how to create a content plan that you can do. This last week will pull everything together and set you up to have a plan that will work for you and your business moving forward.

Apply Here

Currently, there is an application process limited to 20 participants for this Beta Course.  Please fill out the form below if you are interested.  We will schedule a 10-minute phone call to make sure this course is the best fit for you.

Application Closes August 12, 2021

    What is this Beta Course?

    This course will be diving into everything you need to know to have a solid foundation to create video content to grow your business. I am calling this a beta course because my goal is to utilize this course with you to create the foundation for a digital course in the future. We will both be getting a ton of value from this experience! I look forward to working with you

    If this speaks to you at all please fill out the form and I promise even if this is not the right fit you will gain value from our 10-minute call. Thank you, Garik.