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Frequently asked questions

1Do you build in Wordpress?
Yes, we do! Truly Wordpress is the only medium we use to build our client's websites. If your website is on another format we can maintain and update that site in its current setup while we are building your new site in Wordpress.
2After the site is built can I make changes myself?
Yes, you can. I get it, I'm an entrepreneur as well. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night too and want to make a change or update in my business. We build every site using a very user-friendly backend and after every build, I do an hour online zoom training to get you up to speed on how to make updates yourself.
3Do websites really need maintenance?
Yes, they do. Wordpress comes out with updates 6-10 times a year for security reasons as well as for better functionality. Sometimes these updates can break your site and it can be a real headache. We'll alleviate that headache by backing your site up daily as well as making all Wordpress and plugin updates for you! Also, in our opinion, we use the top Wordpress hosting company. That assures your site is running at top speed all the time. From our experience sites run noticeably slower on other platforms.

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